leftovers bake, vegetarian

leftover veg? make it special!

I seriously can’t stand waste – it makes me want to tear my hair out! One of the best things about plant-based ingredients is that they take longer to spoil, and even veg which looks a bit ‘sad’ can be saved and spruced up with cooking and delicious flavours.


Whatever you’ve got! I used cabbage, white potatoes, carrots, brown onion and spring onions

1 tbsp butter or EVOO

garlic – how many cloves? Up to you!

1 glug white wine (the alcohol will evaporate, don’t worry!)

1 glug of stock (chicken or vegetable is okay, or you can use a stock cube)

1 tsp paprika

1tsp oregano

sprinkling of grated gruyere


  1. Cook the vegetables and garlic in pan with butter or EVOO
  2. When there’s a bit f caramelisation on the bottom, put in a wee bit of white wine to deglaze, then add stock, paprika & oregano.
  3. Let the liquid reduce a bit, leaving just a syrup-y consistency which coats the vegetables.
  4. Afterwards just chucked it into a baking dish with some gruyére and spring onion for 5 mins under the grill!!

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