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tbh the food processor does all the work haha

It’s absolutely no secret at all that I’ve been severely scranning on chickpeas lately haha. Basically I got caught in a trap of needing aquafaba, so having leftover chickpeas, but not enough for a full recipe, so opening another can, so having more aquafaba etc. Hopefully I can break this vicious cycle but until then there’s several AMAZING mezze dishes I can make.

Middle-Eastern food has taken over my kitchen in past fortnight. What I love about it, is that with a spring of mint, or a pomegranate seed or a char on your aubergine you can shower each dish with so much vibrancy and life and colour! And what epitomises this more than a super kaleidoscopic mezze!

Here’s 4 dishes to get you started, and they’re all super easy! And the rest, well, that’s all just wee bits and bops eh?

1. rose, harissa and peanut hummus


Seems like a lot going on, but trust me – it WORKS!! Just pop the following into a food processor, garnish with crushed pistachios if you’re feeling opulent and you’re good to go!

1x 400g can of chickpeas (drained)

1 big clove of garlic

1 squeeze of lemon

2tbsp peanut butter (I used my friend’s homemade roasted peanut and sunflower seed butter!)

2tbsp olive oil (may need to add more if your nut butter is quite solid, mine was a looser consistency)

1tsp harissa

literally 2 drops of rose water, reign it in big fella

S&P to taste

2. smokey babaganoush


The key to a good babganoush is the CHAR! So get to a point where the skin is visibly burned and your babaganoush will come alive. I sliced my aubergine lengthways, the popped them skin-side up under a hot grill for about 10 mins. Then when they were cool enough to handle, I scooped up the flesh with a spoon and plopped it in the food processor along with the following:

1 big clove of garlic

1tbsp tahini

1 squeeze lemon

1tbsp olive oil

S&P to taste

And some pomegranate to garnish never goes amiss!

3. roasted tumeric chickpeas

You’re going to hate me for how easy this is because you will be eating this every week haha! There’s no measurements, it’s really just how you like it as long as there’s an even coating of spices. Basically pre-heat an oven to 180C/350F, toss some chickpeas in a baking tray with olive oil, tumeric and garam masala and S&P, then bake for 20ish mins until they’re a wee bit crunchy.


4. tomato and mint salad

Even me, a well-known dodger of salads, smoothies and chia seeds, can get on board with this super refreshing, zingy salad! It’s such a perfect contrast to the other elements of the mezze which are rich and weirdly creamy considering the absense of cream in them! Just chop the tomatoes into chunks, tear the mint leaves for that rustic a.e.s.t.h.e.t.i.k. and then toss it all together!

6 medium-sized tomatoes (treat yourself to the good ones, this is a plain salad so you’ll taste it if the tomoato’s a bit naff!)

1 decent handful of mint leaves

1tsp sugar

1 glug of olive oil


Hope you guys feel inspired to put together you’re own super easy mezze for your next dinner party or picnic or just plain Friday lunch (aka me today haha). You can see how quick and effortless this was, but it delivers so much impact with its vibrant taste and appearance. Yas pls!!

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