cauli coco cornflake bites

yeah i don’t get it either

If, like me, you have an obsession for swapping chicken for cauliflower (see 90% of my recipes hahaha) you’re gonna go daft for these cauliflower conflake buffalo bite-y things with coconut, chilli and ginger!!

The inspiration came from a Mob Kitchen recipe for cajun cornflake chicken (side note: how fooking amazing is Mob Kitchen??!!), but with quite a lot of artistic licence… I mean, they  ended up completely different whoops haha. But I bet the original is peng, papi (that’s me trying to talk like them… I know it’s less cool when I say it hahaha)!

This would be a fab vegan starter, or even as a wee party dish (put those nibbles away, Sandra!!). And aside from a wee bit fatty coconut, they’re super healthy since there’s no added oil woop woop.



1 medium/large head cauliflower

250mls coconut cream (NOT milk!!)

2 red chillis

2cm cube ginger

2 tsp garlic powder (or just super finely chop some garlic!)

5 tbsp plain flour

200g cornflakes (I like supermarket own brands because they’re less sweet!)

optional: desiccated coconut, coriander, hot sauce



  1. crush the cornflakes into a coarse powder. You can do this loads of different ways, food processor, put them in a sandwich bag and crush them like you’re making a cheesecake – I just used my rolling pin and a big pestle haha.
  2. finely chop the chili and ginger. Add them to a bowl with the coconut cream and garlic powder. You could also add 2 tbsp desiccated coconut at this stage, but it depends how much you like coconut haha. Stir it all together.
  3. cut the cauliflower into bitesized chunks, trying to follow the shape of the florets loosely so they don’t disintegrate.
  4. preheat the oven to 180C/350F and prepare several trays with greaseproof paper. Make yourself a wee panée station with your flour on a plate, your coconut cream in a bowl beside it, followed by the bowl of crushed cornflakes and finally your oven trays.
  5. Take piece of cauliflower through each of the stages, making sure it is thoroughly coated before placing it on the tray. Repeat for all pieces and bake for 35 minutes or until crispy.
  6. Serve soon after cooking or the cornflake coating won’t be as crunchy. But you may want to add a garnish first  – I went for chopped coriander, desiccated coconut and vegan sriracha mayo!!

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