nutella, vegan

or is it NOTella?

Oooh ya f***er I’ve been eating this straight from the jar and my waist does not thank me for it haha.

I originally made it to pipe into my vegan sufganiyot and I’m so glad I did. Nutella is one of those things I hate that I enjoy so much. I mean the main ingredient is palm oil ffs! And it’s so annoyingly close to being vegan and yet it just has a totey wee drop of milk that means if ya wanna do some severely hedonistic vegan baking with it, ya gotta make your own.

Thankfully it is super easy, and you’ve the added benefit of being able to adjust the flavour profile (how much salt, how dark the chocolate is, how much sweetness etc), so it’s definitely a worthy endeavour.

I like it pretty salty, not super dark (74%) and a wee drop of maple syrup does this weird thing where it makes it stiffer which is fab for piping into doughnuts.

ingredients (parts are weight, not volume!)

4 parts hazelnuts (read the back of the pack to see if they’ve been pre-roasted)

1 part vegan chocolate

salt to taste

maple syrup for desired sweetness or stiffness


1. preheat oven to 180C. Place the hazelnuts on a baking tray and roast for 12 mins or 5 mins if pre-roasted.

2. pop them in the food processor while hot and grind them until they become the texture of nut butter (mine took 7 minutes, plus I scraped down the sides a couple of times in the middle).

3. meanwhile melt the chocolate over a bain marie. when fully melted, add it to the hazelnut butter and continue to mix it until fully incorporated.

4. add salt, syrup and other flavouring if you wish at your discretion and spoon it into a jar or tupperware. But make sure you try some while it’s still beautiful and warm. Enjoy honeybunz!

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