aubergine mole tacos, mexican

taco cup o’ kindness yet 😬

be prepared to see a lot of mole dishes from me in the coming weeks haha, you have been warned. i don’t know why but all of a sudden i’ve become obsessed with this mysterious, rich mexican sauce. i even had a dream about it hahaha.

my mission, which i have chosen to accept, is to develop a perfect vegan mole sauce made from ingredients available in the uk (harder than it looks fam, we basically only grow potatoes haha). until then i simply WON’T be satisfied!

but in the meantime, i need to do a bit of research. while scouring the website of my friend Karla’s blog, i came across this fabulous and quick recipe for berenjenas en mole (aubergine in mole) which uses pre-made mole.

it looked like a perfect opportunity to try the flavours together while allowing me to get my mole fix! but classic me had to be a smidge extra about it and i ended up making these tacos based on Karla’s fab recipe.

well it seems pretty extra but realistically was no effort at all for a massive pay-off. if you’ve got friends coming round, they will love you. if it’s just you and your ‘identical hand twins’, you’re gonna love yourself even more hahaha.

one wee annoying thing is just that the brand of mole i had to hand has chicken stock in it! so check labels if vegetarian!


2 large aubergines

3 tbsp mole

2 cups water

2 tbsp tomato purée

– for the salsa

8 medium tomatoes

half red onion

2 cloves garlic

2 green chillis (or more, go wild!)

handful coriander/cilantro


sour cream



quick pickled cabbage (handful chopped cabbage, 1/2tbsp sugar, 1tsp salt, 2tbsp white vinegar, mix, let sit for 30 mins and drain)

corn tortillas (this makes enough for about 12 tacos)


  1. slice the aubergines lengthwise down the middle, drizzle with vegetable oil and roast in the oven at 180C for 40mins (flipping halfway). remove and shred the the filling and skin with a fork.
  2. reduce the heat to 100C, spread the shredded aubergine over the same baking tray used earlier and allow to dehydrate in the oven for 2hrs then set aside.
  3. add the mole, water and tomato purée to a small saucepan. cook and stir on a gentle heat until fully combined and hot.
  4. now would be a great time to pickle the cabbage if you fancy it!
  5. roughly chop the tomatoes for the salsa and finely chop the other ingredients. mix together and season with salt and pepper.
  6. heat the corn tortillas (there are various ways but I just microwave them for a few seconds haha). then assemble them with a good dollop of sour cream and mole in a yin and yang shape. followed by your aubergine, salsa, and all your fixins!
  7. the most important step: bask in the glory of the humble taco haha!

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