strawberry, watermelon and basil breakfast

feeling my oats tbh 💁🏻‍♀️

guys i low key think i just invented something?? i had SO MUCH leftover watermelon from making the fab jerusalem salad from cardamom and tea so i was like okay cool, how about a cheeky salad with watermelon, strawberries (british strawberries are in season and they are HEAVEN!!) and some basil from my wee basil plant, hamish.

…little did i know i was about to stumble upon some supreme brunch goals in the form of this summer salad with toasted oats folded through cottage cheese.

it’s such a delightful mix of sweet with a slight savoury note (i’ve never really been one for sweet breakfasts tbh – exhibit A). it’s severely rustic and minimal effort but also seems quite refined because of its simplicity, ya know??

i’m biased obvs, but the reason i’m sharing my wee adventures in recipe development is because i think i’ve inadvertently come up with something that’s both easy to make and has the potential to STUN: it’s delicious, it’s unique and it looks fairly elegant too.

and importantly, if you decide to casually rustle this up for your next brunch, your guests will think the effortless way with which this simple but beautiful dish comes together is also pretty elegant.

and i think we can all appreciate the importance of external validation, am i right?

ingredients (1 portion)

40g rolled oats (porridge oats in scotland)

3 tbsp cottage cheese

100g watermelon

100g strawberries (tbh i just estimate these)

a wee handful of basil


drizzle of extra virgin olive oil


  1. chop the watermelon into 1cm cubes, quarter the strawberries and finely chop the basil. toss them together.
  2. toast the oats in a frying pan with no oil over a medium heat. annoyingly, they don’t have an obvious colour change when they’re cooked so just keep them moving in the pan for 1-2 minutes until they smell a bit nutty haha.
  3. fold the oats (but keep some aside for topping) into the cottage cheese. arrange on the plate, leaving a well in the middle. put the salad in the well.
  4. drizzle with the olive oil, a generous amount of salt and pepper, the remaining oats and some small basil leaves. yeah boi.

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