from melbourne with love, brunch

new series YAY!

I used to be pretty against ‘the art of slow living’ – I thought it was classist and glorifies being carefree in a world that for many is full of struggle. Indeed one of my previous series, smarter. better. faster. cheaper., was pretty much the antithesis of slow living.

But my experience in Australia has totally changed my outlook. There, we spent hours brunching. And not simply eating, but also catching up, debriefing, forging friendship and most importantly: chilling.

Although that’s not to say the food wasn’t superb… because it really was aha. I’d heard so much about Aussie brunches before I went, but I didn’t know what to think about it. For years I’ve been living in Edinburgh, a famously bougie city with decent brunch offerings, and I couldn’t see what Melb could offer me that I hadn’t seen before.

But in reality, the scene was nothing like it is over here. Poached eggs and avocado toast are certainly ubiquitous in Australia too. But it’s all the other stuff that makes it fun and different. There’s less of a feeling like brunch has to take a certain form. It’s informal and playful. Elaborate, for sure. But not fussy. And that’s kinda what I wanted to recreate back home.

When thinking about dishes for this series, I was picturing myself in my PJs on a Sunday morning making breakfast for me and the boy… but then fictional-me decides I’m in no hurry, and that breakfast will have to become brunch because it’s just worth waiting for.

These brunches aren’t supposed to induce panic. They’re not for cooking for your 6 guests before a super busy day. It’s meant to take time, and it’s meant to be chill.

So next time I wake up on my day off in freezing, wet Britain and I can’t bear my austere salt+water porridge, I’m gonna saunter down to the kitchen and casually serve up some chill Aussie vibes to make my day just a lil bit sunnier. And if that takes all day, so be it. It’ll be worth it for sure.

And that brings me to my first brunch idea: aloo paratha with avocado and tumeric yoghurt!

I can’t reiterate enough that this series isn’t about set recipes, it’s really more about getting some sick ideas and inspiration. So it won’t surprise you to hear I haven’t developed my own recipe for aloo paratha – a gorge Indian flatbread with a spicy potato filling.

I found a fab youtube account (seriously going to binge all their other vids!) called Bong Eats when I was looking for a roti recipe and I was chuffed to see they also have a fab one for aloo paratha that I followed for this dish. They take a wee bit of practice but so worth it for these wee badboiz.

And while the addition of the avocado feels like a cliché, here it really works. To make the turmeric yoghurt, I just added 1/2tsp turmeric to about 1/2cup of full-fat greek style yoghurt. Perfect for calming down the heat of the parathas. Start to finish, it took me about 1hr 15mins of super chill and slow cooking. And if you can convince someone else to play sous chef with you, it’ll be even quicker. Get brunching my lovelies!!

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