breakfast blintzes

happy weekend friends!

i don’t know about y’all but my sunday brunch budget has got so out of hand since i moved to manchester… like seriously unsustainable lol.

which i don’t rlly have massive problem with, it’s just that lately i’ve been so bored by the brunch options available to me. i’m OVER poached eggs + avo on sourdough. i’m OVER shakshukkah. and i’m SO over pancakes with pecans and blueberries and bacon.

when i was in melb (i know i never talk about it hehe), brunches were super creative and fun and weirdly despite being super specific were somehow always exactly what i wanted??

so in order to curb my expenditure while also living my antipodean fantasy, i’m trying to commit to one super opulent homemade brunch a week instead, and for real these breakfast blintzes are one of the more successful ones!

think beautifully thin crêpes with lots of colour on them, a delicious light filling and lots of wee zingy elements on the plate to bring it all together. get intæ it!



80g plain flour

140g milk

2 eggs

s and p

about 6tsp’s worth of butter

marinated onions

quarter red o

2 tbsp olive oil

sprinkle of allspice

s and p


160g ricotta

50g full fat cream cheese

zest half a lemon

juice half a lemon

small handful of dill and mint (chopped)

1tbsp pickle juice

80g peas

s and p


dill pickle





1. whisk the flour, milk, eggs and seasoning together and allow to rest at roon temp for 30 minutes.

2. finely slice the red onion and mix with oil, allspice and seasoning. set aside.

3. whisk the filling ingredients together and set aside.

4. heat a knob of butter in a 20cm frying pan on medium heat. add about 50g batter and quickly swirl around until a thin, even layer coats the bottom of the pan.

5. cook for about 2 minutes – you want it to have a slightly golden colour and to lift easily off the bottom of the pan in one piece. then flip it over and cook for another minute and set aside on a piece of greaseproof paper. repeat for the rest of your batter.

6. add a big knob of butter to the pan. put about 2tbsp in the middle of each blintz, then fold them up and cook in the frying pan altogether until golden, flip to cook the other side too.

7. serve them up with the marinated red onions, chopped dill pickles, a drizzle of tahini and lemon juice and some fresh herbs and you’re good to go my angels 💕

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