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Welcome to rabcooks – a blog for people who love food from every corner of the world!

I’m Ryan, and if you couldn’t tell already, I’m from Scotland – a beautiful country in the north of the United Kingdom! I started my instagram account (@rabcooks) to engage with other foodies around the world. Flavours and techniques from other cultures inspired me to expand what I could do in the kitchen, and helped me become more confident in sharing the often misunderstood Scottish cuisine.


This blog truly is for everyone, but there are a few things I particularly care about because they’re close to my heart:

  • I’m a student with a small budget and an even smaller kitchen, so I love finding cost-effective ways for people without many resources to eat good food!
  • Training to be a doctor is time-consuming, just like other people who work hard or have a family. I try to find ways to make a busy lifestyle work with a healthy and delicious diet!
  • This beautiful, unspoiled country motivates me to be environmentally conscious in the kitchen! You’ll notice that much of my recipes call for leftovers, scraps and local produce where possible.
  • When you’re not from a bustling metropolis, like myself, you need to be creative with your substitutions. Distance needn’t be a barrier to understanding food from other parts of the world – just have fun with it!
  • I’m not a vegan, I can’t make that clearer, and that’s partly because animal products are part of the food culture I grew up with. That being said, the financial and environmental cost of animal products does motivate me to cut down and substitute them in my cooking to an extent. I believe if many people made small, easy changes, the benefits could be enormous!

You can ask me anything about my cooking, I’m happy to answer! And I hope you enjoy this blog!

Ryan x


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  1. Ryan, I’m so glad you made this blog – it looks great and of course your recipes are marvellous! Keep on going and stay brilliant in your way of cooking! Lots of greetings from Germany! XX, Ava 🙂


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